Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Save a Memory (it COULD be your own)

I found this great idea, in all of my blog/newspaper/magazine reading. Don't remember where I saw it (that whole middle aged memory loss thing) but I really like it. The thought is to take 12 pictures, every month, on the 12th. And then take those pictures and turn them into a scrapbook. I love it! Well, since it is already Jan. 29th, I guess I will have to do 12 on the 30th. Which doesn't sound quite as catchy. But I will be diligent about doing it on the 12th the rest of the months. or not.

But the idea is, that those 12 pictures are just about life. Dirty laundry, what you are cooking for dinner, the cat eating your flowers, the stack of mail you got that day, the book you are reading, what music is playing on your Ipod. Because we do a pretty good job documenting "events" and vacations and things like that. But when our kids are our age, won't it be fun for them to look at that album and remember what their everyday life was like? I am thinking that it will just be one page per month, or maybe two. And maybe I won't use all 12 pictures, maybe I will. The less rules, the better, I think.

I am SO EXCITED to get started on it. I will just pretend that the pictures I am taking tomorrow were taken on the twelfth...

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