Sunday, January 27, 2008


I have been meaning to do this forever, and there was a wonderful article in the

paper about saving your memories, with info on how to set up a blog, so here I

go. I have set this up so that only the people I invite can see this, and right now

it is just you. Until I get the swing of things, and decide if I want my other

friends to know what a nut I am.

One thing I feel is really missing from my life is keeping track of things that

happen, the funny things Charlie says, the goals and dreams I have for myself.

Every journal, diary, or blank book that I have started never lasts more than a

week or two. Maybe this will give me the kick in the pants I need. And dadgum,

we all need a kick in the pants now and then.

Mike and Charlie are off skiing, so I have the whole day to myself. In true

Hanson girl fashion, I have already cleaned the whole house, finished up some

projects that have been staring at me the last few weeks, and finished the

laundry. So now I can do something just for me, without feeling horribly guilty.

Wonder how much therapy it would require for me to let THAT go? So what

better way to celebrate my me time, than starting a blog.

I have tons of topics and ideas running through my head, and things I want to

put on here. Recipes, pictures, comments, and of course, a large amount of top

ten lists.

It was hard to come up with a title. Believe it or not, Fishin' Girl was already

taken. Honestly. But I knew no one would have Oh fer Cute.

Okay, deep breath, I feel like I have a fresh start here. I am feeling inspired to

go and whip up some Valentines for my girlfriends, while I watch the Men's

skating final. Since god forbid I could watch TV and do NOTHING...

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  1. What a wonderful first blog post! Thanks so much for letting the rest of us in on it! I love it and I love you.

    P.S. You're funny! Now, go watch some tv and do absolutely nothing else. (I usually fold laundry whilst watchin')


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