Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My favorite month of the year has officially begun, and I am heading out to help my hubby celebrate his 51st birthday today.

We will start at Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown-then perhaps a bookstore stop.

I need to get his red velvet cake made, and tonight we are heading to Sea Salt at Minnehaha Falls for dinner.  WOOHOO!

A May Day baby!  I am so lucky I met him more than 30 years ago, he is one of the best parts of my life.

Send him wishes if you are so inclined!  mcpohl@gmail.com


  1. Oooh, have fun! I love May also!

    How long have you been married? My husband, Paul, and I will celebrate 17 years this summer.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Love Al's Breakfast, hope you enjoyed it!

    (I didn't realize you were in Minnesota! Okay now moving your blog about to my MN blog folder in my RSS feed!)

  3. I hope his day was fabulous! AND SEA SALT IS OPEN!!! xoxo

  4. So glad he enjoyed his "May Basket." Happy, Happy birthday to a great guy...and many more!


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