Tuesday, May 15, 2012

back to normal, eventually

Shepherd's Harvest is now in the history books, and it was fun!  The weather cooperated, the crowds were huge, and I sold stuff.  Which is the whole point of doing a show, right?  The absolute highlight of the whole event for me, was when one of my blog readers, Dara Dorkas (read her here: http://planetparenting.blogspot.com/  ) showed up to meet me in person!  And now she has blogged about it!  She was there with her adorable daughter and sweet husband, it was such a delightful surprise and really shows the power of the internet to bring people together.  Isn't that something???

The boxes and bags are still waiting to be unpacked, the piles of jewelry findings and gift boxes and string are strewn across my desk and piled in the dining room, and I just want a magic wand to whisk it all away.

The flowers I bought to plant have been languishing on my outside table, my floor needs to be swept, and there are piles of laundry waiting their turn.

Oh, I'll get to it.  One of the joys of aging is that you don't care so much.  Ten years ago I would have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning as soon as the show was over, getting my life back in order.

But as I near 50, I realize you have to take care of yourself.  Which is the excuse I  used for sitting on my couch yesterday afternoon, doing nothing but snuggling my cat and catching up on last week's episodes of "Doc Martin" and "Mad Men".  No one can say I don't have my priorities straight!

Today it's time to attack the piles of sales and invoices that accumulated from my real job when I ignored it last week, I need to do payroll and visit the bank, and maybe hit up the grocery store to restock the fridge.

But right now I need to read the newspaper and hug my cat.


  1. Congrats again on a successful show! It was fun to see the pics of you and your setup on Dara's blog. I didn't know you still had "the screen"! Now go and take a well deserved break!

  2. I think your priorities are in perfect order. Glad to hear you sold a lot and how fun to have a visitor!

  3. Just loved looking at the pictures on Dara's blog. Everything looked fabulous! Congratulations my friend on a wonderful show.


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