Wednesday, April 18, 2012

recipe box Wednesday

The Pioneer Woman's second cookbook has been sitting on my coffee table for a couple of weeks now.
I started going through it one Saturday morning, while watching her show on the Food Network, and found all kinds of things I wanted to make.  Now!

And in real time-I just got around to it last night.

But oh my, the first recipe was a winner.  One of the things where my guys took second helpings, and then their forks found their way back into the serving dish, just needing one more taste.  And I didn't even yell at them for double dipping, as I found myself doing the same thing.  Again, and again....Mike and Charlie both enthusiastically requested that I make this again, and often.

And thank goodness Ree has posted this on her website, so rather than typing it out for you I can just give you the link!

First off, be forewarned that this recipe has a pretty spicy kick.  We love that in our family, but if you have family members who are not a fan, this may not be for them.


Ree did not specify the size of the roast to be used, mine was about 4 lbs, I am guessing by the pictures in her cookbook that her's was probably closer to 8 lbs.  Accordingly, I used a 7 oz. can of chiles in adobo sauce, rather than the 11 oz. can she called for.   I was out of whole onions, so instead I dumped about a cup and a half of frozen chopped onions in the bottom of my pot in the second step.  I used the same amount of Dr. Pepper and brown sugar.  Mine cooked for about 7 hours, it probably didn't need quite that long but a 300 degree oven is pretty forgiving.  Once I took it out of the oven and did a taste test, I did add a couple of tablespoons of honey into the mix, it sat for about 30 minutes before I served it, and the flavor was PERFECT.  Enough talking about it, here's the link!  (or page 158 if you have her new book)

I decided her Crash Hot Potatoes would be a good side with the pork, and they were.  The three of us downed nearly all of them (so since it was supposed to make 6 servings, I guess we over indulged...)
Here is that link (page 217 in the cookbook) :

She is so right, they were golden brown, and crisp, and absolutely irresistible!

But since none of us did any ranch work today, we are feeling the need for some exercise this evening-Charlie is mowing the lawn and I am considering a walk.  But that second helping of potatoes was totally worth it!

(All images borrowed from Pioneer Woman's blog, I am hoping since I am promoting her wonderful new cookbook that she won't mind!  I was too busy eating to take pictures of our food...)

Thanks Ree, for another great meal!


  1. I just ordered this book! It should be at the bookstore this afternoon. I've been watching her Saturday morning show and drooling. Thanks for the tips on some good ones!

  2. Yum! I've been waiting for our Target to have it in .... might just have to order it on Amazon. We had something last night that your family might enjoy and it's easy! Put about 1 1/2 lb. boneless chicken breasts (mine were frozen), 2 c. HOT salsa, 1 can black beans, drained/rinsed and 1 c. frozen corn in a crockpot sprayed with PAM. Mine cooked on high for about 3 hrs. I've done it on low for about 6, too. When the chicken is cooked take it out and shredded the crockpot add: 4 oz light cream cheese some lime zest & lime juice and a big handful of chopped cilantro. When the cream cheese is melted throw the chicken back in & heat for a few minutes. We served it on lime/cilantro brown rice but it would be a great soft taco or burrito filling. You could add some chipotle chilies too for more heat. Yum! It is really good if you make it using PW Restaurant-style salsa as your salsa. Adjust for heat that your family enjoys.

    1. Ann- YUM! That sounds delish, I am absolutely going to try it. Thanks for sharing it with me!

    2. Ann~ it IS sold at our Target. Maybe they're out. It's not next to the other cookbooks, but in the best seller section.

    3. Kristi~ I've tried the crash hot potatoes and you're right, they're delish! I want to try the Dr. Pepper shredded pork. There are SO many recipes I want to try in this book!

  3. Oh boy...I need to get cracking and make this. Those potatoes...Yum. I absolutely love this cookbook. Thank you my dear.


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