Tuesday, April 17, 2012

lovely lilacs

I picked a bunch of freshly blooming lilacs on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday was a picture perfect spring day:  blue skies, fresh green leaves on the trees, everyone outside enjoying the 70 degree temperatures and a nearly ideal weather day.  I had to keep pinching myself, after looking at the date on the calendar.

Sunday we woke to rain, which we sorely need.  While those states south of us suffered through horrific tornadoes and storms, we were warned of approaching storms coming our way Sunday night.

Even though it was incredibly warm and muggy, we were warned of cold temperatures arriving soon, so I went out to see what flowers I needed to bring in or cover up.  And I was hit with a blast of lilac scented air, the muggy temperatures sending the sweet aroma throughout my back yard.  I hadn't been paying attention, and was thrilled to see that I could pick some and bring them in to enjoy.  And a good thing I did, as Monday morning they were assaulted by snow.  Thank goodness it didn't stick around long!  Lilacs generally don't have to put up with snow....

The lilac bloom is short, but full of memories.  I recall a friend bringing me a bunch wrapped in a wet paper towel for my birthday, I think I was a junior in high school, and I remember feeling really special.  My birthday is later in May, which is more about the time that lilacs bloom in Bemidji!

I remember the lilac bushes that lined my grandmother's yard, and the scent that would fill the air when we would stop by for a Sunday visit, perhaps bringing a pint of fresh Dairy Queen with us.

Lilac bushes could also be found at my grandparent's house out on the river, and the scent would fill the air.

I remember trolling alleys when I was in college, looking for some lilacs that I could pick without being caught, as I wanted to fill my little room with their heady scent.

Even though I didn't realize it when we bought our house on a cold December day, our back yard is lined with lilacs and I look forward to their bloom each year.

Do you have a favorite flower that is not only beautiful, but full of memories?

(all images borrowed from various plant sites)


  1. I love lilacs so much! Not only are they purple (my favorite color) and smell incredible, they remind me that Spring is here and Winter is gone away.

  2. I love the scent of lilacs and can't wait for ours to bloom!


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