Wednesday, April 11, 2012

recipe box Wednesday

As of March, we have lived in our 'starter home' for twenty years.  I meant to do a long post with photos and such, perhaps one of these days I will have time to pull them from the attic and do a nice story.

Our neighborhood has seen change, as well as continuity.  We still have our neighborhood grocery store, barber shop, and restaurant.  The Nook has had different names and different owners, but it has always been a place for a burger and beer.  Ranham lanes is still here, spiffed up and ready for a good old fashioned game of bowling.

But this week?  This week we are getting a real treasure.  A true old fashioned Soda Fountain!  I have always wanted to try an egg cream, and now I will have the chance.  Here is a photo of the front of the shop, as they were getting ready:


I peek inside every time I walk by, and love the marble countertop, the glass jars waiting to be filled with candy, and the true old fashioned flavor of it all.  Here is a link to their website, I am sure there is more info to come:

Here is a shot from their Facebook page, maybe Charlie can get a job as a soda jerk someday!

Can't wait for my first trip there, I will be sure to let you know more!


  1. Yum! Sounds like a great neighborhood.

  2. I can't wait! I need a vanilla phosphate with extra vanilla, or maybe a green river...oh heck...just give a chocolate malt. Fun times this summer!


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