Wednesday, August 17, 2011

fish fry!

The multi-day celebration of my parent's fiftieth wedding anniversary concluded on Saturday.  Heather and I took my mom to Park Rapids and Summerhill Farms for a little lunch and shopping (our almost annual photo, we always sit in the same places at the same table every time we go there),

 and we ended the day with a big fish fry at my parent's house.

We had a LOT of fish to eat from our big tournament!

I had whipped up Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad (ala Ina Garten), and my brother made coleslaw.  My dad had stopped by a roadside stand for fresh corn on the cob, and he and my mom used their favorite recipe to prepare the fish.

There may have been some alcohol involved as well, the weather was nice enough to spend it on my parent's deck:

My parent's cat, Bootsie, joined us for the fun. I did say we were having fish, right?

After this, the party was definitely over, and we all went to bed that night with full tummies and happy hearts.  (No, my brother did not eat that entire platter of fish....we all like a good cold fish sandwich!)

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  1. Wonderful! I love the pic of you 3 at Summerhill...and they have such delicious food for lunches. The fish fry looks delish and what a great way to end the celebration. Thanks for sharing!


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