Saturday, July 30, 2011

it's all about the creative

You may remember last fall, when I posted about the fun I had at the inaugural Creative Connection event, held in Minneapolis:  If you are so inclined, I actually blogged about it for several days, just do a search for "creative" on my sidebar if you really want to read all of the posts.

This year it's going to be held in my very own backyard, and I am longing to go!

Problem is, I can't figure out which day, as I want to do EVERYTHING, and lately I have had a hard time making decisions.

At last year's event, which I attended with my dear friend Tracy, I connected with Paula, who then invited me to be a part of her holiday boutique.  So in addition to learning new skills, meeting fabulous talented women, having a great meal, and getting a creative confidence boost, I made connections too!

Can you see why I can't wait to go this year?

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