Monday, July 11, 2011

firefly summer

Holy cow, I'm away from blogging for a week and they go and change it all on me. I feel like I have been away more like a year!  Summer is full of so much that it is sometimes hard to discipline myself to sit in front of a computer screen long enough to tell a story.

I think it was the fireflies, zipping through the yard at my sister's house when we were there.  They completely transformed me, into this person who just wants to relax in a boat, stretch out my legs to the warm sun, and wait for a pretty rainbow trout to jump on my hook.  Or sit back, in a comfy adirondack chair on a shady porch, with a sweating glass of iced tea and magazines to read.

"It goes so fast" they whispered to me, as they flitted through the tall grass in the field next to her house.  I wanted to grab a canning jar, and catch some, and set them on the nightstand next to my bed.

Even though I am back in the heart of the city, and have no fireflies to think about catching, their tiny thoughts still call to me, telling me to slow down, enjoy the moment, and soak in all that summer has to offer.  So if you don't see much in the way of blogging, know that I am just off enjoying July.

My hubby must have been influenced by the fireflies too-here's a little something he made to show how gorgeous the night sky can be when you are away from city lights.  Enjoy!


  1. I will ALWAYS have fireflies for you, no matter the season.

  2. Fireflies... wonderful. I feel like you... so much going on in the summertime that it's hard to find time to type a new post. Enjoy summer, cousin!

  3. I've never seen a firefly up close.


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