Wednesday, December 1, 2010

order now (and look at the end for a new maybaby giveaway!)

..if you want it in time for Christmas.

If you have a chef in your life, check out this Etsy shop:

You can order a fun cutting board in the shape of their favorite state:

Minnesota Plyboo Cutting Board

and the shop owners will put a heart or star over you favorite city!  A Heirloom is located in Brooklyn, and has been selling on Etsy since October of 2009.  Here is a snippet from their profile (you can see why I like them, they are a husband and wife team!):   "We are a husband and wife (amy+bill) design duo who are into digital fabrication. Trained as architects..we enjoy designing housewares for ourselves and now for our etsy friends."

Personally?  I want Michigan, because then I would get two!

Michigan Plyboo Cutting Board

They are made from bamboo, and speaking from personal experience, bamboo is an excellent material for cutting boards.

Texas Plyboo Cutting Board

In order to get your cutting board in time for Christmas, you will need to order by December 5th.  Get going!

Just added-check out a Maybaby bracelet giveaway over on Molly's blog!

Good luck!

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