Sunday, October 7, 2012

time flies, birthday chronicles

Charlie turned fifteen today.  (He wasn't home long enough this weekend to have his picture taken-this is from June!)

Even though time seemed to move quite slowly in those first few baby months,

 it started to zip by during his grade school years,

and now it really flies as he keeps reminding me that he will be leaving us in just a few short years.  (He really doesn't know where he is going yet, but that's okay with me....)

So today, while spending the day creating his birthday cake, I got to thinking about how many things have changed in the last fifteen years.

There was no such thing as Facebook, I am sure I was able to find other ways to waste my time.

We didn't own cell phones-I remember bringing our phone card to the hospital so we could call family when Charlie was born!

Music was delivered to our ears on CD's.  I was very proud I remembered to bring my portable CD player to the hospital, I never took it out of my bag.

Claude kitty was only six years old, and was able to jump up and sit on our coffee maker to stay warm.  (It's true-I have pictures-somewhere...)

Mike hadn't rediscovered the joy of dirt bikes yet.

I didn't have an Etsy shop.  Etsy wasn't even an idea in someone's head yet!

We took photos with FILM.  I remember taking a whole roll of pictures of Charlie regularly when he was little, and walking down to Walgreens with him in the stroller to ge them developed.  If I was feeling really flush (or in a hurry to get photos in the mail to family and friends) I would go with the one hour photo option!

Stores still took checks.

We had a video camera, it was very large.  That reminds me, we really need to convert all of those VHS recordings of Charlie on to DVD's!

Speaking of large electronics, do you recall computer monitors and TV's from that time?

We had two simulators in our little store in St. Louis Park.

I didn't have bifocals, Mike had completely black hair when Charlie was born.  hmm....

As you can see, a lot can change in 15 years.  What else can you think of?

Happy Birthday sweet Charlie.  We sure do love you.


  1. Happy Birthday Charlie!! Oh my word he was a cute baby. And now a handsome man. OMG.

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie!

    I love this walk down memory lane. I remember taking pictures with film too, mostly when I was in university, and would always be so eager to get them developed. There is a certain joy to seeing pictures for the first time isn't there?

  3. Happy belated birthday to Charlie! I love the pic of him sleeping with the book. :o)

  4. I just happen to stumble on your blog, how sweet it is! My son will be 15 next June, he is the youngest and I always think how wonderful it is to have a son. He was the sweetest baby and little boy and turning out to be a terrific young man. Your post made me appreciate him just a wee bit more. Thank you. :-)


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