Wednesday, October 24, 2012

rainy days

We haven't had a rainy day, a real rainy day, in so long I had to blog about it!

The lawns are all brown, except for those who have been faithfully watering.  I gave up on the yard weeks ago, and have barely been able to keep the perennials alive.  I water my mums when they look sad, but otherwise I feel like I should be on a fall schedule by now.

So sorry to be missing, I have had a rather full life lately and blogging is very far down on my priority list.  I have friends to care for, and a house and new high schooler to manage, along with an Etsy shop and a business and new simulators and all kinds of life things.

I am lucky to get my laundry done, let alone blogging.....

So while I am lagging in my blog productivity, please enjoy one of my very favorite blogs to read: I have been a very huge fan of her for YEARS, and when I only have time to read one or two blogs a week, I always make sure to read her.  She blogs several times a week, and she always makes me feel happy and content.

And those are things I am really striving for right now!  Sharing the love...


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I popped over to her blog and am so happy I did. Now, I need to make time to shop for vintage embroidered dish towels! :o)

  2. I feel the same way often that blogging drops further and further down the list of what to do. But its good to see you're well and busy!


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